Wednesday, September 14, 2011

"I Met Me a Man!!!!"

Giiiiiiirl! Guess what!! I met me a man girl.. it’s about TIME! I’ve been praying, believing, receiving, giving and I FINALLY met him!
Wow! Well.. Is he saved?
Hmm.. Yes, girl he saved
Well, what kinda saved is he? Is he a carnal, I’ll have sex with you all night and then repent, we take communion when we wake up saved or does he live for God for real?!
Ok, WHY you being all deep it’s our first date, I am not gonna ask him all those questions about his faith. I don’t even know if I like him like that.
Well, babygirl—if you are afraid to ask him, you are afraid of the truth. The truth is, you are lonely, your biological clock is ticking and you are ready to settle down. Well, if you wanna “settle” down you sure are settling. For less than God’s best. Or maybe you think you can change him? You gonna bring him to the Lord huh? If God can’t change that man, I don’t know what makes you think you can. The same way it took you a long time to get it right, and trust God—that man needs to develop and all your NAGGING is gonna push him away from God.

2 Corinthians 6:14 says “Be not unequally yoked together with unbelievers, for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? And what communion does light have with darkness?

And don’t try to be all deep, saying.. he says he’s a Christian cuz he goes to church. Just because you sit in a garage, doesn’t mean you are a car. He could even attend your church and ya’ll are on TWO different spiritual levels. Just because he got saved last week, don’t mean it took. Homie needs some time to renew his mind. A Christian man will display the FRUIT of being Christlike. He will live for God and he will love you like Christ loves the church. He won’t DARE dishonor you by screwing you or playing with you all night. And yes, I’m talking about sex a lot on my notes, cuz negros in church are getting’ it in, sleeping in the same bed and they aren’t married and they think it’s OK. Why even tempt yourself?! Ya'll may not be doin' anything "yet".. but keep planting those seeds, it'll come.

Ok. Take this, you wake up every morning and spend time with God, go to church, spend time with your other godly friends. It’s your usual routine.
You meet Raphael and two weeks later and you begin to spend ALL of your time with him-- he stays the night and it’s sooooo hard to pull away from him as he is cuddling you in the morning. You’d rather cuddle just a few more minutes then pray like you used to. You rationalize.. I’ll pray tomorrow morning or on your way to work. You and your friends don’t talk anymore because they can tell something isn’t right about homie and you don’t wanna face the facts.
I say all this to say, dating Raphael is CLEARLY weakening your commitment, integrity, standards and more than everything, your relationship with God. Wanna know why? Genesis 3:16 says that your desire will be for your husband & he shall rule over you.” So guess what.. your DESIRE is to serve him and if homie isn’t submitting to G-O-D then you’ll be submitting to the flesh portion of him, who’s lord is Satan.

God is a jealous God. Don’t you walk down that aisle with that sickening feeling in your heart, knowing that somethin’ just aint right. Being equally yoked with your mate is BEAUTIFUL and it’s possible. As a (wo)man thinks within HER heart, so is SHE. You can have God’s best and it starts with you thinking you can have it and getting rid of ANYBODY or ANYTHING that is distracting you.


  1. I LOVE this! Nothing like the truth and scriptures to back it up.

  2. What if the guy is in ministry living a life of Christ lets me know that He is interested in me brings me flowers , candies , chocolates but then seven months later I still have thoughts that he doesnt like me I feel like im last on his list because he is soo busy doing his ministry . WHAT SHOULD I DO ?

  3. This is so right on time for me!


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