Tuesday, November 19, 2013

"Feeling like Second Best?"

Ever been in a situation where someone left you or choose someone else over you? You're attacked with the thoughts:

1. Why wasn't I good enough??
2. Why didn't they make the effort with ME but made it with them?
3. God, will I ever meet someone that will love me for me?
4. What could have I done differently to make the relationship work?
5. Whatever else

Honestly sis, NO matter WHAT-- GOD closed that door. Yes, GOD was protecting you!! I know it didn't feel good, I know you didn't feel loved. I know you felt used, abandoned and rejected but lets be honest sis, God had to close a door that YOU should have never opened. Ask yourself where you were when you started that relationship with him. You had butterflies, you texted that random all day but deep down in your heart.. you had this check that said "danger." But he was fine, said he loves Jesus and whatever else but you know DEEP down that HE wasn't right for you! Maybe you told God, "I'm going to make this work, I'm tired of being single & lonely" or whatever else. Or maybe you KNEW homeboy wasn't saved in the first place but you wanted you some sex, hoping that it would make you feel good again, but you KEPT coming up EMPTY. Then, dysfunction took place (as if it was a surprise) and NOW you're dealing with the consequences of ignoring God-- which is a broken heart.

Sis, God longs to heal every part of your broken heart. He longs to bring you to a place of peace and joy again.

You have to realize this. 

1. That God closes doors for your protection 
2. He's much more concerned about your purpose than you feelings. He HAS to lead you back to the proper path and it may be painful.
3. You don't have to feel lonely & cry yourself to sleep every night. If you feel that way, it's God drawing you back by His spirit. He's JEALOUS for you. 
4. Everybody ain't for you, especially those random men that you choose to try to fill your voids. 
5. In order for God to take you where He wants to take you, you have to let go of the baggage from your PAST. 

I remember there was a time where I LOVED this guy. Well, I didn't know what love was, so I lusted him. I didn't know what love was-- I just wanted to feel accepted. I tried to make the relationship work for YEARS. We would get back together and break up again. We called each other "best friends" -- but we weren't really friends. We were void fillers for each other when the going got tough in other relationships. He would give me lip service & say that "one day we will get married"-- but he had no plans to marry me. He pretended to get saved and give his heart to Christ just because I told him I got saved & he knew I wouldn't marry a guy that wasn't saved. He still continued to try to give me lip service. Then, I had a dream that wrecked me. This was the dream:

I saw him from a distance talking to all these different girls. Each time I confronted him in the dream (8 different times) he made excuses for talking to each woman & said they were just "friends"-- but I could see him through this invisible wall FLIRTING with all of these women! Then, when after the 8th woman, I was screaming at him & the Lord said this SO loud: HEATHER, THERE IS NO PROFIT IN THIS RELATIONSHIP. LET IT GO. 

Do you know that those few words freed me? Everytime he texted me, I remembered.. "there's no profit in this relationship. It's not going anywhere."

What about you? Who are you still holding onto? Who has God showed you in a person but you're scared to let them go?

So today, your healing starts. No more worrying and wondering why a person doesn't love you. No more crying yourself to sleep. No more wishing things worked out with a man that treated you like crap. No more distractions!

We're going to do a few things together to walk in this freedom.

1. Repent to God for hanging around in relationships that we shouldn't be in. (1 John)
2. Cry it all out. Scream, yell, lay on the floor in your bedroom & cry out to God. Get it all out, then get up & leave those emotional & soul ties at the feet of Jesus.
3.You cannot get saved, give your heart to God but refuse to read your bible or guard your heart. If you sweep your house clean but refuse to fill it with Christ, 7 spirits more evil than the one that left you will return to your life & wreak havoc. (Luke 11:26). I also blogged about spending time with God here:
4. Block them from all social media & any messenger apps on your phone. Change you number if you have to. You MUST guard your heart! (Proverbs 4:23)
5. Surround yourself with believers & women that have a heart for God. Join a Pinky Promise group locally or start one yourself! You aren't in this thing alone!

You're not alone. Stay focused sis.
Just a few things:

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2. We have developed an APP! Think: daily post notifications + weekly devotionals, recipes and so much more! It's out NOW for iphones + Androids. Under Heather & Cornelius Lindsey: Today With the Lindsey's

3.  If you live in Atlanta, I want to invite you to our church. Join us on Sundays at 11:00am at Landmark Art Cinemas. Our churches name is: "The Gathering Oasis"  931 Monroe Drive NE Atlanta, GA.

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5. Register for the 2014 Pinky Promise in Atlanta, GA! It sold out last year, so you don't want to miss out!www.pinkypromiseconference.com

6. As always, you can join a Pinky Promise group locally! There's about 16,000 ladies that have joined! Find a group near you by joining & checking out the intro page! Join here:www.PinkyPromiseMovement.com

7. So sorry I haven't been blogging. I was in London, Texas, Alabama & the Bahamas this past 3 weeks & I am exhausted! I will be blogging more! 

God loves you like crazy,
Heather Lindsey

(Me & Logan in the Bahamas! This is his first time experiencing the ocean!)
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