Wednesday, September 14, 2011

WHY hasn't it happened for me?!

Why is it that I've been believing God for my new job for a year and haven't got it, Why don't I have a man, WHY have I been datin' this foo' for 2 years and he STILL hasn't proposed to me, why does it seem like SHE or HE always gets everything, why am I in debt still?.. Why..why..why.

My question to you is WHY are you so focused on everything you don't have?? Do you know that you opened the door and let discontentment come right in and live in your home?? You can't even enjoy the journey because you are so HEAVY with all of these thoughts weighing you down!

When you focus on what you don't have, it begins to amplify. It consumes your mind and you try to do everything you know to do & it still aint happening. You begin to question God and its not anything you would say outright but your lack of trust for Him is evident in your conversation, worry and lack of faith.

Did you know that God promises not to be a day overdue concerning your life (Habakkuk 2:3)??! So everything you need will be there when it’s supposed to. If it aint there, it aint supposed to be. If you are blaming yourself for falling into sin over and over again—repent, keep it moving, get a new thought & it’ll be there when it’s supposed to. Stop looking at those around you that talk crazy, party all night, gossip, backbite, lie and then be in church praising the Lord hoping and a praying for their breakthrough. And then you are thinkin’.. well, they are a Christian and I don’t see it working in their life. THEY are NOT your example. You got 66 books in the bible of people that passed the test. Some failed, but they got back up again and so can you.

John 7:38 He that believeth on me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water. This scripture tells me that something can “dam” up the flow of God in your life. What’s the living water? That’s the Holy Spirit—your helper, comforter and the One that will guide you through life! What is daming up the flow of God in your life?? Is it a energy-sucking friend, that boyfriend that feels on you all night, a mother who nags and stresses you out all day, your job that keeps you working 13 hours a day to the point where you are worn out, tired & drained??

It is God's greatest desire to flow through you and to give you what you think you need. In all honesty, you really don't "need" that man, job, 'breakthrough' or material thing. What you really need is GOD. Don't you see how DISTRACTING these things are? You get so tied up in stuff and its choking you!!!

Anything you have to have besides God to be satisfied is something satan can use against you. What do you mean, Heather? What I'm sayin' is-- what do you think you need? A man--ok, just because you are so consumed with this idea, and God knows you aint ready for a relationship because you aint even submitting to God and you aren't whole in him-- some FOOL comes and wins your heart via your emotions. You get so tied up in that person that you begin to push God out of your box and idolize your mate. Yes, folks aren't outright bowin' to a gold statue named Buddha, but they are bowing to their bosses, men, women and whoever else will give them the value they think they need. Or it can be that job you think you need--you get the job, working all day and night and then the co-workers go out for drinks and then you feel all pressured to drink so then you compromise and get all caught up. Do you see the pattern?

Child of God,Your VALUE comes from GOD. NOT anybody or ANYTHING else. Decide to be content, right now. Right where you are. STOP comparing. Spend time with God and learn his personality so you can learn to trust Him. Get so consumed in God that you don’t even realize what you don’t have and then one day you will look up and you’ll have ALL those things you wanted & so much more. It starts with a daily decision. It's not deep. DECIDE to be HAPPY- now.


  1. So everything you need will be there when its supposed to be and if it ain't there its not supposed to be! Yessssssssssssssss! That scripture is going in my memory arsenal right now!! Thank you.

  2. Thank you so much for your obedience to God & letting His light shine thru you :) This ministry is sowing & reaping fruit I tell you :)

  3. Wow, I love this!!! I'm 19 years old, and I have always been on the look out to find happiness. I thought happiness came from possessions, or the things that I do. But in all it comes from God and building a relationship with him. I always say to people I want that firing passion to know Jesus and to love him so much that I don't have any desire for worldly things anymore, and I always wondered how to get there. You have taught me that the only way I can get there is through God and studying his word. I'm always so worried about my future and wanting to be successful at life, because that's what this world puts upon me to do this and that and Ill be living at the top of a hill, to go after my dreams at "whatever cost", but never do they mention that God has all the power and has a plan for me and my life. I want to one day be a great wife and mother, but at this stage in my life I'm trying not to get so wrapped up in men, because for one, my relationship with God needs to be my top priority and because two there are too many randoms in my life right now that seem all good and a bag of chips but are literally breaking me down emotionally and I do not need the extra drama in my life. I want to know God and love him so much that meeting that right guy will only add to my happiness not be my overall happiness. I'm so happy to have come across your blog, you are such an inspirational woman. Btw, I recently joined Pinky Promise in Toledo, Ohio and I loved it, never thought I;d meet a group of women that shared the same vision as me! Thank you sooo much!


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