Wednesday, February 15, 2017

"Not -So Happy Valentines Day"

I know that Valentine's Day just passed and I pray that you didn't measure it by the gifts you received or didn't receive or if you're single or not. I recall one year, my now-husband didn't get me the gift I wanted him to get me for Valentine's Day. I know it sounds stupid, but I was mad. I felt like he should have put more thought into the gift. And, it showed on my face. I'm confident that He easily felt like "nothing is ever good enough for Heather."  And He was right. I grabbed ahold of that discontentment I struggled with during my single life and brought it with me into my engagement.

Then, the Holy Spirit immediately checked my spirit. Heather, you're selfish.


How am I selfish Lord??! Because I want him to put more effort?

"Heather, how did you gauge his effort? By your own standards of what you think you need?"

I mean, come on, Lord. We are engaged.

"Heather, you have once again made things about you. Have you considered Cornelius at all? What about what you didn't get him? And, isn't he one you prayed for?"

And, in that moment, I realized that just 2 years before that, I spent Valentine's Day alone.


And, I was fine with it. I was finally content in the Lord and learning how to trust His timing. Hey, that contentment only took about 7 years.  I sent myself some flowers because I loved that they added some joy to my dining room but I was good. I prayed for my future husband and I refused to make it an idol. I assured God often that if He sent me a husband, then I would always appreciate him.

 So, at one point did I become this critical woman where I judged gifts? How silly of me? God sent me a guy that wouldn't kiss me until my wedding day and now I am rolling my eyes at his flowers, poem, gifts and the love he has shown me.

So, whether yesterday was the reality of your beautiful singleness or whether you didn't feel like your man put in enough effort, I want you to focus on what is going WELL in your life. At times, we can become such an entitled generation. Wanting what want, when we want it - and not bothering to look at what we are bringing to the table of any relationship.

That day, I decided to create a list of the good things that the Lord was doing in me.

1. The fact that He saved me and that I hear His voice.
2. I have an amazing fiance who honors me.
3. I have a great job in NYC.
4. I am a leader at my church
5. I have a sound mind.
6. I have a place to stay and I am comfortable.
7. I have a wonderful family
8. I have a amazing friends
AND.. that list went on & on!

So, after the Lord checked my heart, I decided that I needed to renew my mind. I told my now husband that he doesn't have to get me gifts because Hallmark says it's time to get gifts and let's find a way to give back to people in need. So, that next Valentines Day, we went to a low-income nursing home and we brought a ton of food, gifts and games. It was the BEST Valentines Day EVER! AND, it wasn't about US.  I have learned that as a believer, I cannot pick and choose when I am going to be selfish.

And He was saying to them all, "If anyone wishes to come after Me, he must deny himself, and take up his cross daily and follow Me. "For whoever wishes to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake, he is the one who will save it. - Luke 9:23-24

At times, we can make life all about us. This goes for any holiday in general. I challenge you to stop letting holidays ruffle your feathers and be intentional about giving back to others. 

"But, Heather, ain't nothing wrong with celebrating me! I can celebrate myself!" Well, my sister, frustrations are birthed when you have unmet expectations. And, for the rest of your life, if you constantly walk around with mind-reader expectations, you will find that some people may meet them, but then again, some may not. You will get frustrated again at some point. 

But, if you decide to give your expectations to the Lord and find a way to be a blessing to someone else, you will find more joy, more peace, and you will be less stressed out on these man-made holidays.

Do you see how silly these distractions can be in your life? Our focus on this earth is to bring glory to God, not to get tied up in "what about me?" 

So, cheers for not being moved by what we see. Cheers for walking by faith. Cheers for becoming more other-centered.

And, just a few things.

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God loves you like crazy!
Heather Lindsey 
Dubai Feb 2017

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