Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Tough Year?

Have you had a tough year? I don't know about you - but 2016 has had some AMAZING highs, and some stressful low's. I have been STRETCHED spiritually like NEVER before.

I remember one day, I was at the gym, working out and I was just thinking about the spiritual attacks. As I was working out on the stair stepper, I heard the Holy Spirit interrupt my thoughts and tell me, "Heather, I am preparing you for something so much greater."

It was the sweetest, purest words to me in that moment. Although I preach about the preparation, development, trusting in the Lord, resting in His timing, rejoicing during the tests - but then that moment comes where you're faced with what you preach and post about. At times, it seems like it's so easy to encourage everyone else but when it comes to yourself? Well, you're a little bit harder on you.

As I stepped on that Stairmaster, I told the Lord that I will rejoice in this test. I told Him that I am thankful to share in a TINY bit of His persecution. I was thankful to share in a TINY bit of His suffering for righteous sake.

And, in every time and in every moment, I have watched the Lord strengthen me through those tests.

So, if 2016 has been a year of stretching for you too - I want to encourage you that if you've been SOWING love, peace, joy, OBEDIENCE, trusting God when you don't' understand and walking by FAITH - GOD HONORS it. It is NOT in vain. I love harvest season because I know when I'm passing a spiritual test, I will see a spiritual harvest. Ya'll KNOW I am not one to say that "THIS IS GONNA BE YOUR NEW YEAR" - because I don't know what season you're in but I DO know that if WE stay like those TREES that are planted by the rivers of water (Psalms 1:3) that we will BRING forth FRUIT in our season, our LEAF will not wither and whatever we do will prosper.


So, don't dig your tree up and move it somewhere else if things are hard. Stay planted. Just stay there. Stay in that test and PASS it. Don't run back to your past. Don't rush back to what was once comfortable.  I can ASSURE you that you will see something on the other side of it ALL. When you live a life of disobedience, it HINDERS the Lord from working in you. So, repent sis, turn back around and endure! God will give you the strength to pass whatever is in front of you.

I started this blog to you all this morning and then I got confirmation that I have my own show on the WORD network (AHH!) called "The Heather Lindsey Show." If you've been following the ministry, you know that I've always wanted to host again but I put it down because the Lord told me to do so for a season. And, almost 10 years later, I'm picking it back up again.

I'm completely convinced that there's a PATH for each and every one of you (Jeremiah 1:5). Your story may not look like my story because it's YOUR story, but, along that path of saying YES to Jesus - you will find the life that He has prepared for you. This doesn't mean that tests stop. Actually, they will probably increase. But, it simply means that you get to lean on and depend on the Lord for every breath. I can assure you, with tears in my eyes - God is faithful. If He does nothing else, I want you to know that He longs for a relationship with you. He longs to walk with you. He longs to be close to you. He longs to speak to you. He longs to LEAD your life. Put down that strife and division in your heart and open up your heart to Him. He's constantly waiting.

I always say that a new year isn't a new you unless you renew your mind and say Yes to our Jesus. So, cheers to committing to spend the next year at the feet of our Jesus. He never fails us.

I love you all so much. I'm not sure if you know how much I truly love you but I pray for you all on a regular basis. I want to see you win. I want to see you walk in your purpose. I want to see you free from bitterness, I want to see you bold. I want to see you committed to Jesus. So, cheers to never quitting.

Just a few things:

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God loves you like crazy,


Heather Lindsey

Friday, December 23, 2016

The Journal Challenge is Back!

If you've been following my blog, you know that I've done a Journal Challenge back in 2012! The purpose was to encourage women to get back to a place of prayer and focus on the Lord. I want to do another journal challenge for the month of January to get us started for the new year. I believe that the Lord is pouring out His spirit on His daughters to accomplish their purpose. I also believe that distractions and the temptation to quit will also be present. It's so important that we stay focused on the Lord, refuse to quit and to keep TRUSTING Him no matter what.

I started this journal challenge because I realize that at times, we have a hard time spending time with God daily.  BUT if we had a flight to Hawaii every morning at 5am that was an all expense paid trip.. we would be at the airport on time. We would MAKE time to pack & check in on time. Let's make SPENDING time with GOD a priority.

How amazing is it that thousands of us will journal & write our "day" that we're on.  So, January 1st will be "Day 1" and you will continue to note what day you are on. (Example, January 15th will be Day 15) and it's not for show- it's us spending time with God daily and letting Him change us from the inside out. Writing the day on your journal is ONLY for accountability.

So, what will you need?

  • A Journal! (I must add that the Pinky Promise Store has some fabulous journals - but find one that works for you!)
  • Notecards! I swear by notecards! I use these often as it does something to your brain as you write down the scriptures. Then, I meditate on them throughout the day. So write out the scriptures longhand-- based on what God places on your heart to study & to meditate on.
  • Here's an example of how you'll start your journal. I always start mine with "Dear Daddy"-- and be sure to write the CONSISTENT day. The point of this journal challenge is to get you to be consistent in spending time with God daily. So day 1, day 2, day 50, day 56.. etc.
  • Your favorite bible. I like to study with a few bibles. I love The Life Application Bible- NLT version. I purchased it from a Lifeway Christian store. It's a GREAT study bible that breaks stuff down and also love the Dakes King James Version Bible. 
How do I journal?!
Ok, so now that you have all of the materials, you may ask, "how do I journal?" What do I say?! As I blogged before with "How to Spend Time With God"  - so be sure to read that entire blog if you're joining this challenge. But to answer your question - I look at my journal like my diary to God. I just pour out what is in my heart. I thank Him for being God, I tell Him I love Him and what is going on in my life & my struggles. 

Prior to journaling my heart out to the Lord - I like to put on worship music and dance to him, sing, cry out, pray in the Holy Spirit, pray in English and this helps to soften my heart and unclutter my spirit. I don't want to go into the presence of the Lord, meditating on worries and fears. After that, I sit down/lay down and I begin to write, I start with "Dear Daddy" and I pour my heart out. Then, I sit and wait for Him to respond and He typically starts out speaking to me by saying, "My beautiful daughter, or I love you so much Heather." Then, He begins to speak into my heart about my life and I write everything down. Then, there are times where I don't hear anything directly from Him - but I still just sit there and rest in Him while worshipping Him with my words. 

Then, I open my bible to spend time with Him. My husband taught a GREAT study on "How to Study the Bible" - you can watch it before the challenge starts if you find yourself stuck in how to study the bible. I study my bible based on what is going on in my life or whatever the Lord leads me to study. Most times, He tells me to go to certain books in the bible and I study from there. 

So the challenge starts WHENEVER you read these words if it's after January 1, 2017. (You can of course start now as we should be spending time with the Lord daily but the Day 1 will be January 1st so we are all doing it together!)  You could be reading this a month after todays date.. but I challenge you to get started in TODAY. The beautiful thing about this time is that you don't have to only do 30 days - instead, you can do 60, 100 or 300 days. 

Before I close out -  know that satan is gonna attack you. You'll be sleepy, too busy, or whatever else. Remember that you'll desire WHAT you give your attention too. So shut your phone off, Facebook & the TV. No distractions.

You can subscribe via www.pinkypromisemovement.com under "connect" to stay in the loop! :)

Let's go!! It starts on January 1st! 

God loves YOU like CRAZY!

Heather Lindsey

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Fighting Together: Learning how to FIGHT for our marriages instead of each other!

I AM SUPER excited to announce that my husband and I have just released a book TOGETHER! 

Marriage is a beautiful union ordained by God that is unfortunately under great attack in our society. Our world can only be as strong as the nations. The nations can only be as strong as its communities. The communities can only be as strong as its families, and families can only be as strong as the marriages. 

If the marriages fail, then so goes the families, the communities, the nations, and the world. Cornelius and Heather have joined together to combat this attack by encouraging husbands and wives to fight together instead of fighting each other.

 They share many of their personal stories about contemplating divorce, healing their marriage, and learning how to balance family life and ministry. You can expect to learn the principles of fighting together, defining the purpose of your marriage, dealing with inlaws the significance of Husbands leading, as Wives fulfill the role of Helpmeet, and much more.

You can find it HERE or via AMAZON/Kindle! 

God loves you like crazy!
Love always,
Heather Lindsey 

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