Wednesday, November 16, 2016

How to Publish a Book in 90 Days!



So, I am super excited to announce our book I have exciting news!! On a regular basis, people ask me how we are able to write so many books and the process of publishing a book. So, my husband and I decided to do another book webinar on "How to Publish a Book in 90 Days!" You can click on the link HERE to get more info. It's on Monday, December 19th at 9pm and it will be recorded!

AND, during the webinar, we are going to make a very special announcement. We have decided to start a Book Publishing Company, called Lincross Publishing! It was birthed from my frustration in dealing with a publishing company. Granted, all companies aren't the same, BUT a very popular Christian publishing company sent me a contract to sign and they were taking 79% of my book. 79%?? That's CRAZY. So, you mean to tell me, I bust my tail to write the book and you keep all of the profit, for pretty much ever? No. SO, we have decided to start a publishing company where we take ZERO royalties. That's right. We believe that you should keep what you make! So, we will pretty much mentor & help you through the process & all of that good stuff. And, if you haven't noticed, we are on our 15th book combined (me & my hubby) - We LOVE to write and we believe that someone may not go to church, but they will read a book that will LEAD them there. So, be sure to check out the webinar & if you have any questions, please let us know at!

What you will learn:
·      Whether or not self-publishing is the right option for you
·      What to expect when it comes to selling your book
·      10 simple tips on finishing your manuscript in 45 days
·      The benefits of self-publishing vs. traditional publishing
·      Heather and Cornelius’ 5 step process to self-publishing 
·      5 simple tips on marketing your book and hosting your first book signing
Who should attend:
·      Writers seeking to publish their finished manuscript
·      Beginners who want to learn the self-publishing process
·      Speakers and instructors who desire to expand their intellectual property with self-published material
·      Passionate dreamers seeking to share their testimony with the world
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