Sunday, June 2, 2013

Unfaithful People

When we think of unfaithfulness we automatically think of a spouse cheating on their spouse. We immediately turn our noses up at infedility but then we go and live our life so unfaithful to Christ. THEN we don't even think that being unfaithful to Christ is as HEAVY as being unfaithful towards a marriage. Isn't that sad? We weigh being unfaithful towards a person as a bigger deal then disobedience to Christ?

So, what has the Lord told you to do? Ok, now-- are you still doing what He told you to do? It's like.. God tells us to do something and then at first we are so excited about it. We are fired up. Then, life happens, you get discouraged, you get a new job, you get busy, you make new friends and then you NO longer have time to do what God told you to do. Then, your life becomes a train wreck and you're begging God, "WHERE ARE YOU?.. help me GOD!" So, are you simply picking Him up and putting Him down as you see fit??

Help me understand, HOW does that work? If you cannot be faithful with SMALL things, what makes you think that God will trust you with ANY more? Then you are begging God for a husband, a new car, a promotion & He is looking at your HEART as it's turned from HIM to worldly, simple things.

Luke 16:10 (TNIV) "Whoever can be trusted with very little can 
also be trusted with much, and whoever is dishonest with very little 
will also be dishonest with much.

So, you're up here planning this HUGE ministry in your head of all these "people" you want to help but sadly, you aren't doing anything NOW to even remotely show God that you will be faithful with this big vision. You would never give the keys to your brand new car to a 4 year old. You just wouldn't. Why? Because they aren't mature enough and they don't know how to drive. They haven't proven to you that they can PASS the drivers license TEST. So, a WISE person wouldn't give them KEYS. So why do you think GOD would give you KEYS to your own "ministry" when you haven't been faithful with the ministry right in your backyard??? We have GOT to stop being so darn emotionally led and up one day, down the next, serving at church one day, leaving the church the next, moving to a new city because God told you to do it, and the next day moving back home, getting excited about what God told you to do one day, and sleeping with your little boyfriend the next because you're bored. Really sis. REALLY?

What happened to Colossians 3:23? "Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people." So I ask you, are you working at whatever God told you to do as though you are working onto the Lord than for people? Or are you waiting for some pat on the back from a human to keep you going? Encouragement is nice, but when you're seeking Christ & being led by Him He will ALLOW you to go through a season where you have to encourage yourself in the LORD and the only encouragement you will get will be from the Holy Spirit & scriptures. 

People always ask me, "How do you get speaking engagements?" How did you get a ministry? I respond: Are you serious?? I wasn't seeking no ministry! I wasn't seeking a platform. I would lay on my face for HOURS before GOD. I would preach full sermons to MYSELF in my apartment for hours on a Friday night. Instead of being out clubbing, I was being wrecked my God in my bathroom. I would FAST for weekends with a gallon of water in my bedroom and not moving until God spoke to me.  I would wake up every morning and spend crazy time with God, I would PASS tests privately. I LOVED people that bashed my name.  I FORGAVE whoever for whatever. I became DEPENDENT on the Lord. I obeyed Him in small things. I trusted when I didn't understand. I submitted to my husband. THAT is how I got a MINISTRY. My PRIVATE victories became PUBLIC. So stop trying to go PUBLIC without going PRIVATE. 

And don't do all of the above to "get you a ministry." I did the above because I LOVE God and I wanted to serve Him. Many people are jealous of another person's walk with God but they're just too lazy to get on their face & learn Him for themselves. 

I remember working at Universal Music Group- Island Def Jam  in Marketing and I hated my job. I would rather be working for a church or somewhere where I felt people were saved. I seriously felt like I was the only Christian there and at times we want to run from those jobs (I'm not talking about working at a strip club, but a corporate job, etc) and run to places but GOD is using YOU as the light. I worked 80 hour weeks at that job and I was only paid for 25-40 hours. The Lord told me to go there. He told me to work as though I was working for Him. He told me that if I'm being mistreated (1 peter 2:19) and I endure unfair treatment for His glory.. then HE is pleased with me. He told me to just stick it out. I would get attacked daily in that place and I wanted to get out. I wanted to run. But I couldn't quit. I had to press on AND with a good attitude. I knew that God sent me there to develop me and I KNEW I needed to be there. By the time I left, I saw at least 5-8 people give their lives to Christ including my boss. Not only that, I had developed in patience, long-suffering, joy and love.

It's seriously burns my heart when I meet women (I can talk about them because I am one)-- that say that God told them to do something & they don't DO it. It's actually confusing to me because I didn't know we had an option NOT to obey Him?? I am screaming from the rooftops.. WHO IS STILL DOING WHAT GOD TOLD THEM TO DO??? We cannot AFFORD to stop pressing into Christ. We cannot afford to stop doing the last thing He told us to do. If God told you to be an assistant, BE one and work as though you are working on the the Lord. If the Lord called you to be a manager at a company, ask the Holy Spirit to HELP you lead them properly. If God called you to start an organization right NOW, DO IT. STOP waiting for "somebody" else to do what GOD told you to do. God told YOU to do it & then you got offended & stopped doing the last thing He told you to do. 

You know, you will one day stand before God, not me; so you could possibly care less what I say. But as someone who DAILY is WORKING on LIVING for Christ against the odds, against my feelings, against wanting to quit at times, against it ALL-- I charge you to get back on your FACE before GOD if you've left Him. I cannot QUIT. Neither can YOU. You should CARE about this WALK. It must be your priority. It cannot be about your car, job, not having a man, having a crazy husband or whatever ELSE. Those silly things are distractions!! WE seek and serve GOD because of what CHRIST did for us. He died. He died. He died. He died. He died. He DIED. HE DIED. So what makes you think that your little emotions & feelings don't have to DIE to DO what HE has called you to do? GOD will raise up somebody else to do what you will not do. 

Maybe God is calling you into a season of resting. That's fine too. Resting is obedience. But for some of you, God has told you to do something but life has distracted you & you're NO longer doing it. So let's give ourselves a checkup. You go to the doctor for your annual checkup and some of us need daily checkups with the Holy Spirit. Matter of fact, all of us do. Let's start. Right now. 

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God loves you like crazy,
Heather Lindsey 

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