Friday, October 18, 2013

"10 Years of Being Saved: What I've Learned"

I absolutely, positively love living for Jesus. Since this year marks my 10th year of being a Christian & pursuing a relationship with Him.. I find that my love for Christ has deepened in ways that I never imagined. I figured I would write a few quick things that I've learned over this time period. Note that I've learned so much more, this is just what God placed on my heart.
Over these past years, I've learned this:

1. This walk is a journey, not a sprint. Sometimes, God delivers me from areas quickly, others-- it takes discipline, time, prayer and to be intentional about doing my part. We have to guard our hearts against silly TV shows, music or people that try to push us away from Christ.

2. Don't put your trust in humans, they're as frail as breath. (Isaiah 2:22). Humans will praise you one day, and find something to talk about you the next. I adore people, I really do-- but my hope ain't in them. This also goes for your "friends." I've learned that real friends don't leave you because "they stick closer than a brother"(prov. 18:24) -- most acquaintances are seasonal friendships and are situational. Meaning, you live down the street or we attend school together so it's easy for us to be friends. The second it's no longer easy, we most likely won't put forth the effort to be friends. Does this mean you are bitter towards them? No! Of course not, they just weren't qualified to continue life with you. I'm sure they're still good people, but they just can no longer rock with YOU. And don't sabotage your prayers being bitter towards someone that rejected you. Pray for them & allow God to melt your heart.

3. Spending time with God daily has been one of the most important things in this walk. Waking up, turning on worship music, singing, praying, journaling and reading my bible will KEEP your heart pure & right before the Lord. You cannot get away with silly attitudes or rolling your eyes when you spend time with God on a regular basis. The Holy Spirit checks you really quick. I blogged about "How To Spend Time With God" so be sure to check it out.

4. God's timing is perfect. God's isn't on my calendar or anybody else's who is trying to pressure me to do things in a specific time period. There are seasons for every part of your life and if you try to rush God, you'll create an entire season out of His timing and.. one that He's not included in.. 

5. Be honest with God. He already knows your messed up heart and even if you're plastering a smile on your face, He knows the depths and the brokenness of your heart. Be totally honest with Him. He can work with you as you cast your care onto Him.

6. Waiting to kiss until your wedding day is so worth it. I learned to respect my husband in ways I never imagined. Especially since we have a ministry.. I needed to get that foundation of respecting him early on. I love being a wife and mother -- so remember this: whoever you choose to marry, get ready to be ok with producing kids that act and look like daddy (or mama if you're a male reading this). Make sure that you're BOTH pursuing Christ and are EQUALLY YOKED. Period.

7. God won't just let you walk away from Him. He will literally fight for you. You've come too far.

8. Rejoice during tests. God is using pulling some stuff out of you that isn't like Him. Stop running from God & running to your past. You need Him, not another void filler.

9. When you're living for Christ, you have to obey step one before you get to step two. When I first got saved, the first thing God told me to do is to break things off with my little boyfriend that was pushing me away from Christ. I continued in that relationship while begging God for direction. He told me that I need to obey step one before trying to get new instructions. 

10. God will open the right doors and you sure don't have to kiss anybody's butt for it to happen. God will equip, direct and lead you in your purpose. God told me that I was going to preach and share Christ with this world in 2003-- I didn't see that fruit until 2011-2012. BUT He USED every season in my life leading up to this season to PREPARE me. Every job, every boss, every situation developed my love walk and the fruit of the spirit on my life.

11. Bonus: You cannot change people. Prayer is one of the most selfless acts of love that you can give someone. Instead of trying to change everyone, submit everyone to God in prayer. God will melt your heart for that person and instead of being bitter towards them, you'll begin to love the person you once hated. And just because you forgave them, doesn't mean you run and open a door that God closed. Be God-led in this life instead.

12. Bonus: Finally, most importantly, God is my strength, hope, joy, peace, Father, protector and everything else. I'm thankful that He chose me & called me by name. I am nothing without Him. I look forward to standing before God & hearing Him say "well done." Just brings tears to my eyes. Whew'.

Gosh, I've learned so much more.. but I wanted to share a few things with you. If you're feeling weary, God is your strength. (Isaiah 40:31)

Hang in there. He's with you.

Just a few things:

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God loves you like crazy,
Heather Lindsey


  1. You are such an inspiration. Found your page the other day and I have been stalking I admit but these points are just motivating.I am reflecting on my own relationship with God. Much love from Kenya.

  2. Mrs Lindsey

    Thank you for your words your transparency and sharing your love walk.
    we need a representative someone who can show us how it can be done. Thank you for being that & more.
    I'm in my 20's and your example on marriage the first kiss your relationship with Jesus has spoken to my life.
    Reading your blog and seeing the way you are with The Lord taught me or gave me an idea of how I can have that same love.
    There are a lot of broken little girls and as one of them I know we despertley need the love of the Father.
    Thank you for being a guide and guiding us back home.
    Love & continued blessings x

  3. Your post just blew me away. You are straight forward and I believe you have an authentic experience with our lord, and sharing in your authentic way. Funnily, many of the things you have shared are core issues deep inside my heart now. They may not necessary be on men and,love, but friendships, people around us etc. this is my 9th yr from receiving Christ...I must keep up!


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