Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Soo, you wanna be married, huh?

So, you want to be married, right? You could be in a dating relationship or single.. and everyone around you is getting married and you have a strong desire for that companionship, love, and someone to spend your valentines day with, right? Well, depends.

Ephesians 5:22 says, "Wives, submit yourself to your own husbands as unto the Lord".

This scripture tells me that before "she" was a "wife" she should of been submitting herself unto the Lord. How you gonna submit to a MAN if you haven't submitted to God? You arent' submitting to God in the LITTLE things! You say you wanna husband but you arent' married to God's word!! You cant even submit to getting up and spending time with God in the morning, You needa go submit to your messy bedroom. You aint submitting to Joshua 1:8 which says to meditate on my word day and night to make your way prosperous and to have good success--which tells me that you need to go get you some content scriptures and learn to be happy by yourself FIRST. So, if you REALLY want to be married, get busy about working on YOU. What are you bringing to the table of that relationship? Are you an emotional wreck, how is that gonna help your man, helpmeet? Are you waiting for that man to come and wisk you away and take on your burdens and give you that security? Before you go waste all your time doing that, I can TELL you by experience, I tried to place my trust in man, money, material things and position and it ALL failed. So, go save yourself a few years of drama and..

Get secure in God. Isaiah 54:5 says that the "Maker is your husband". I encourage you today, to date God. Date him on a regular basis. I cook for God, He takes me to the movies, I spend time with Him every morning, He picks out my outfits, He shows me how to be the best fiance I can be, He gives wisdom and advice on my friends. He shows me who is gossiping about me and explains to me how important it is to forgive and love them no matter what. He's the ONLY source of who I am, and everything He gives me is simply His resource.

God is your friend. He loves you. Slow down & don't you settle for some Ishmael when Issac is in position (Genesis 16). Remember that the counterfeit will always always come before the real thing. Don't quit on God. He has great plans for you. God has not forgot about you and the desires in your heart. Be content and STOP looking for "He who finds SHE". Which means, your supposed to be hidden away fulfilling the will of God for your life.


  1. I can feel that God is using you to speak to me.............. all of these things were what i was bawling my eyes about a few hours ago.

    I need to fix up and look very sharp

    Thank you for this post

  2. heey Heather,
    YOU ALWAYS HIT THE NAIL ON THE HEAD WITH THE HOLY GHOST ON YOUR SIDE.AND I'M LEFT THINKING DAMN!!THAT SOO TRUE..I HAVE TO TRY THAT!!..I have to stop that!!its not pleasing to God!!WAS THAT being addressed specifically to me??lol
    I'm 18 got saved about 6months ago.
    it's been such an learning how to trust in God,pour out my heart.talking to others about Christ.
    i want to ask you how you date Christ?
    do u seriously cook for Him?
    i want to be able to talk to Him like my friend and not feel weird about it..and literally treat Him and submit to Him as he requires and deserves.
    2.Have you been filled with the Holy Spirit?
    I have been praying to be filled and to be blessed with the spiritual Gifts..
    How do you get filled with the Holy Spirit?
    please answer me?
    you are so amazing..Thanks for everything and We thank God for you and Cornelius.
    Keep doing what you do..and be blessed:)

  3. Awesome book!! The book your wrote is awesome as well. Please continue to allow God to use each of you to reach His people! Lives will be changed if you change your behavior, die to self and live for God!!!


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