Monday, January 9, 2017

The Heather Lindsey Show: Casting & Audience

Hey everyone!
I am SUPER excited that I actually start TAPING my new show next week. NEXT week! Ahhh! I am BEYOND excited! I will be taping about 30-60 shows this year so I'm thrilled about the topics and what the Lord is going to do through The Heather Lindsey Show!

Just a few things!

1. This is a talk show! I create the topics, direct it and all of that other good stuff!

2. The studio audience seats 45 people.

3. Each segment is 28 minutes.

4. I will record 4 shows in one day!

5. My husband and I will be hosting a book signing at the END of the last taping.

LOCATION: The Word Network - 20733 W 10 Mile Rd, Southfield, MI 

Please note that the seats are FIRST come, FIRST serve. If the studio is at capacity, we will let the line in for the second show but everyone must leave after every show. There's a great chance that you may be able to stay for a couple shows based on the line. There's only 45 seats and the shows are only 28 minutes long. So, if you can be patient, we would LOVE to have you there!

We are looking for people that love Jesus and that can bring a ton of energy to the show. We will have a "ask Heather" section of the show in which you will ask Heather a question live on air. Please be prepared with a question!

And, each show will have a "giveaway" where we give away an item to a studio audience member!

Tuesday, January 17th times: 7pm, 7:45pm, 8:30pm, 9:15pm.
Wednesday, January 18th times: 7pm, 7:45pm, 8:30pm, 9:15pm.

If you want to be a guest, we are casting for the following places:

1. COUPLE: A couple that is either waiting to kiss until they get married or a couple that waited already and they are married. (Male/Female in their late teens, 20's-30's.)

2. MALE: Single male (late teens, 20's-30's) that is pursuing God wholeheartedly.

3. WOMAN: Woman who has struggled with infertility, pregnancy or has adopted a child. (late teens, 20's-30's, 40's)

4. MALE/FEMALE: Doesn't have to be a couple. A male and female that is very opinionated about what they want in a spouse before marriage. (late teens, 20's-30's)

Must include in order to be considered:
Recent Photo
A short blurb of your story
Must be a Christian.
Your age
Phone number
Location *You must be in the Detroit area for the tapings. The Word Network and the Heather Lindsey show does not provide travel or lodging for guests*

If you want to be considered for casting: Please email and put CASTING (What you're casting for) in the subject line. 

If you own a company and you want to give away an item, please email

Also, we are still looking for a great makeup artist! Please send rates, photos of your looks to 

Yay!! Can't wait to see ya'll! :)

God loves you like crazy,

Heather Lindsey


  1. wow, look at God! Congrats Heather! I remember listening to one of your Bible studies a few years ago and you talking about how you had a dream to be a VJ on MTV but you laid that down and now God has opened the door for you to have your own show! Such a joy to see God blessing his people :-)

  2. GOD bless you Congratulations Heather .I am so excited and happy for you.I follow you on YouTube you have been an inspiration in my life.I am a born-again kept woman (23 years old)I thank GOD for you ,you have been part of my life of being an example of being a Holy kept woman waiting in GOD before He had bless you with your promise.thank you Woman of GOD for allowing GOD to use you for his glory .bless you and your family woman of GOD I can't wait to see your show .


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