Thursday, January 26, 2017

Happy 5th Anniversary Pinky Promise!

Ahhhh!! Can you BELIEVE that Pinky Promise has been going STRONG for 5 YEARS? God is SO good, SO faithful and SO amazing! I'm literally blown away by the testimonies that have been birthed from you all. I have heard some pretty amazing stories. From women that wanted to commit suicide to breaking off ungodly relationships, to fighting for your marriage, to stepping out into your purpose AND to finally having a group of women around you that really love Jesus. This organization has kept me accountable in more ways than one. It helped my MARRIAGE from the very beginning. How? I knew that I couldn't lead an organization if my HOME life wasn't in order. So, I learned to submit to my husband as unto the Lord, I learned that spirit of shut up (self-control), I learned to grace my husband the way that Jesus graces me. And, I quickly realized that I cannot push the blame on others. I needed to change. My friendships got better. I valued those that were around me so much more. I was more intentional. More patient. More loving and I prayed for my friends like never before. My purpose became more clear to me. I knew without a shadow of doubt that God called me to preach, help women and share my story in hopes to bring people to Jesus.

 I just said yes.

And, on today's 5th anniversary, I challenge you to say YES too. Say YES to Jesus. YES to His will. YES to His ways. YES to the life that He has for you.

And, I challenge you to say no.

NO to your negative feelings. NO to bad ungodly dating relationships. NO to rebellion on marriage. NO to thoughts of suicide. NO to quitting on the Lord. I can assure you, that in 20 years, we will celebrate 25 years of Pinky Promise. Will you still be sitting on the dreams and visions that the Lord gave you?

Whether the Lord is telling you to be still & obey Him, to if He is telling you to cut off some stuff, I encourage you to obey. There is SOMETHING on the other side of it all. If Pinky Promise has impacted you, we would LOVE to hear your testimony!
Please send a couple paragraphs + your name and where you're from to:!

And, just a few things.

1. Can you believe that our FIRST Pinky Promise Conference was 4 years ago TODAY? Ahhh! And, we have SOLD out of every conference since. Make sure you plan early and attend the annual "sleepover" lol 
If you need a roomie, head on over to and click on the roommate forum.

 2. We are doing a SALE at the Pinky Promise Boutique to celebrate today! All items are 25% off for TODAY only! Use the code: CELEBRATE - make sure you use all CAPS! :) 

 3. I just uploaded a new video onto my youtube channel, titled STORMY SEASONS. I pray that you watch it if you're going through a storm or a hard time.

 4. And, just a reminder that I'm headed to Pearland, Texas this Friday. Details are here: If you're in the area, I would love to meet you!

5. We are headed to Nigeria &Kenya over the next couple of weeks! AHH! Join us if you're in those areas! We will be headed to Capetown, SA &; London in May/June. All details: 

6. Lastly, our church venue as MOVED! We are currently at the Marriott at the Galleria in Smyrna, GA until the end of March 2017. We will share our new venue after that time!

That's all for now. I am excited about another 5 years together. Stay focused. Stay in prayer and don't ever give up.

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