Thursday, December 15, 2016

Fighting Together: Learning how to FIGHT for our marriages instead of each other!

I AM SUPER excited to announce that my husband and I have just released a book TOGETHER! 

Marriage is a beautiful union ordained by God that is unfortunately under great attack in our society. Our world can only be as strong as the nations. The nations can only be as strong as its communities. The communities can only be as strong as its families, and families can only be as strong as the marriages. 

If the marriages fail, then so goes the families, the communities, the nations, and the world. Cornelius and Heather have joined together to combat this attack by encouraging husbands and wives to fight together instead of fighting each other.

 They share many of their personal stories about contemplating divorce, healing their marriage, and learning how to balance family life and ministry. You can expect to learn the principles of fighting together, defining the purpose of your marriage, dealing with inlaws the significance of Husbands leading, as Wives fulfill the role of Helpmeet, and much more.

You can find it HERE or via AMAZON/Kindle! 

God loves you like crazy!
Love always,
Heather Lindsey 


  1. well written article. This article should be read by everyone. Really liked it. You have explained almost all important points here. Thanks.

  2. I'd love to attend a conference on this topic!


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