Friday, July 15, 2016

My Brand New Book: The Purpose Room

I am SO excited to announce to release of my brand new book, "The Purpose Room: A Meeting Place Where You Discover, Birth and Accomplish Your God Given Purpose." Gosh, this book was so hard to write. If I can be totally honest, it challenged me and made me uncomfortable to write the book because it exposed the areas that I really needed to work on regarding my purpose. Areas like procrastination. Being lazy. Being distracted. Putting things off "for another day" because I am tired with these two kids. Feeling inadequate. Feeling like "why should I bother doing this, God?" AND even comparing my calling to other peoples callings. So, pretty much - this book kicked my butt in a good way!

If you're struggling with WHAT is my purpose or, you're afraid of stepping out into your purpose or, maybe you're simply in a dry season and you don't see what God promised, then THIS book is for you! I pray that it ministers to you the way that it healed me. I am NOW more focused, less distracted and determined to complete what God called me to do. I pray the same for you!

You can find it here:  or via Amazon/Kindle! I will be personally signing the books for the month of July that are ordered through my personal website! 

As I wrote this book, I saw millions of women in their purpose, focused and not distracted by what other people were doing. I saw millions of women in position. I saw millions of women flourishing because GOD placed them where THEY were supposed to be. It's time to get in position, ladies. It's time to accomplish what the Lord has told you to do!

God loves you like crazy!
Heather Lindsey


  1. Thank you so much for listening to the Holy Spirit and writing this book! I read the first page and broke down! You were speaking directly to me! I know exactly what my purpose is and I'm not making another excuse for not walking in it! Thank you!!

  2. I am in south Africa and I need this book.

  3. Hi Heather,God has blessed me through your ministry. I pray He continues to uphold and strengthen you in Jesus name amen!
    Is your book available in Nigeria now?


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