Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Lindseys: Family Photoshoot

So, every year I schedule a photoshoot with Anthony in Atlanta! (eyecandyanthony@gmail.com) and I swear by his work! I went to Michigan State University with him and he's always had an eye for great photos!

So, this year, I wanted to do a few themed photoshoots! I thought it would be fun to get letterman jackets made that we can wear as a family!

Jackets: Husbands, Logan: Zara My jacket: J Crew. Then, I took it to a local embroidery shop and they imprinted the jackets! It took about a week.
Pants: Joe Jeans (everyone)
Shoes: Husband: Jordans Son: Sperrys Me: Christian Louboutin

Then, of course, we need some promotional photos for speaking engagements and materials!

Top: Goodwill: It was a dress and I had it made into a shirt because I felt like it was too short!
Skirt: From a boutique in Perimeter Mall (GA)
Necklace: Kenneth Lane
Shoes: Christian Louboutin 

Hubbys suit: Suit Supply

And, I'm from a small town called Brooklyn, MI and my husband is from Newton, MS. We are from SUPER small towns with just a couple stop lights! So, since we are from the country, we had to tap into our country roots!

Boots: From Boots N More in Jackson, MS. Hats: gifted from friends in San Antonio, TX.

Thank you for checking out our family photos!

God loves you like crazy!

Love, The Lindseys


  1. Sooo cute!! I just love the Lindsey Family!!! The country theme was brilliant (coming from a small town country girl herself). I love these photos!! Cute cute cute!

  2. I love it ,awesome, wonderful godly Family ;)

  3. Love you alls look!!! Great idea! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Nice...love your outfit

  5. These pictures are so lovely :)

  6. Beautiful. May the good Lord Jesus Christ bless you.


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