Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I'm now happily married! Now what?!

So you've finally met the person of your dreams! Now what?!

Don't forget what it was like when you were single. Yes, you read that right. Yeah--it may have been hard and you may have gone through things but the ONLY time I encourage you to reach back in your past is to be COMPASSIONATE enough HELP a single person up that is desiring to be married. Encourage them that their season is temporary if they're having a hard time being single. Give them tips, pray for them earnestly, constantly encourage them to trust God's timing and wait for Him patiently. Sometimes, when we get married--we get caught up in the life of a husband or wife or mother and we forget to share with others our journey.

We ALL know that if there is a burning desire in your heart to marry--you can be distracted. (I know I was!!). I NEEDED some married folks to encourage me to slow down & to stop getting ahead of God. Not being preachy--but encouraging. As hard-headed as I was, I liked to see examples vs. someone preaching down my throat. So if you're married and in a healthy relationship--SHARE how amazing GOD is to the both of you. Not in a condescending way, but to say that God fulfilled this desire and I didn't have to earn it and you don't have to settle for some RANDOM. His timing is perfect. Don't awaken love before it's beautiful time (Song of Soloman 8:4). The bible is AMAZING but some people won't pick up the bible, but they will WATCH your life. We gotta show this world that GOD created marriage and it's to be honored. Lets submit to our husbands, husbands, lets REALLY love our wives, obey GOD in spirit & truth & make it our business to live for HIM all over again!!

Praying for every single out there. That you will trust God & His amazing timing and that you will take this season and pour your heart out to Christ vs. sitting in a waiting room--waiting to meet your one-day spouse. I am earnestly here for you because I have BEEN there and I've wanted to run into the arms of someone other than Jesus because I got tired of not seeing my standard around me. Don't worry if your standard isn't being met--those people that don't fit your standard are UNQUALIFIED. The right person will measure up.
It's so worth the wait. If I could scream it to the hilltops, God has your back, He loves you dearly, He's with you, He'll never leave you and your times are IN His hands.

So STOP looking at the clock and keep your eyes on heaven. Due time won't feel like forever when you're consumed with God.
God loves you like crazy!


  1. Wow, didn't realize how much I needed that. Thank you!

  2. Thanks for writing this Heather! It does help to SEE how God fulfills His promises by looking at what I can see from your life. I am blessed by your everyday, but a part of me is having difficulty grasping what I truly need to be doing during this time. I am frustrated at times; I think to myself, "Yes, God had this for HER, but would He have something so wonderful for me?" I look at the decisions I've made and the dating relationship I'm in now and I'm not certain if this man is the one God had in mind or if I jumped the gun! And now, I don't know what to do about it and I feel like, as a friend of mine told me, "God had a husband for you, but you've gotten in the way and missed your blessing." It's devastating when someone who you trust tells you something like that...so, I'm happy for those around me who have these beautiful relationships; I just haven't reached the point where I can trust that this is truly meant for me. I'm not pure; I've done so much wrong. Why would God give someone like me an awesome husband after His own heart? I love God above everything, but I feel that He's disappointed in me and although I'm crawling and clawing my way back, I'm having a hard time getting there. When I see your witness, I am overjoyed for you and other pure, spiritual women who will be blessed in this way. As for me, I'm not half the woman you are.

  3. Charity- if you KNEW my past & what I've been through--you would have seen that I was a HOT mess!!! I def. didn't "earn" a man after God's heart. It was pre-destined!! Same with your one-day hubby! The reason that God will give you such a great husband is because of His AMAZING grace. You can't earn it. He's not mad at you, He loves you & the plans that He has for your life are amazing!! And I'm FAR from pure!! haha, I'm a broken hot mess that is being put together by HIM! lol I def wasn't a virgin when I got married either--neither was my husband. So get your expectations out there! Trust that God will give you His best, like a wonderful Father--not sloppy seconds. I'm praying for you lovely. Stay strong & encouraged!

  4. I don't see the point in being "pure". I'm a 20 something saved virgin and I can't even find a decent job let alone a saved man. I've been saved since I was really young and I don't feel like God always has my back. He doesn't seem to use people like me. What's the point?

  5. Hello Anonymous- It's so worth the wait. Sometimes, we go through weaning periods were God requires all of us. Those periods are when God begins to shape your heart. Don't quit on Him during this season. God cares more about your heart than giving you what you want. After this temporary season--God will set you up perfectly. So I encourage you to continue to wait and trust Him. I'd love to keep in touch and pray for you. Stay strong. xoxo

  6. Thanks so much, Heather! You are amazing! I am going to trust God!

  7. Thank you Heather. I needed this today. As a reminder :-). Thank you Jesus. Love you!

  8. I am @brwb on twitter, i dont have a name on here, im 17... I dont need to have boys in my view at all much less in my focus, please pray for me. And pray that i live uo to my full potential.

  9. Also as single women who are confident in God and the wait, we have a duty to encourage those singles who are still struggling. I struggled for years and I can say that this is one of the first years of my adult life that I have not struggled so much with being single but I have instead focused on God like never before. I was just explaining to another single that waiting for God to be found by our husbands is like waiting for your favorite meal to finish cooking. You know it is in the oven, you know it is baking, even though you cannot see it, you know its there and at some point you even start to smell it, but if you take it out before its done, it wont be good, so just like you gotta wait for the dish to be done so you can enjoy it, you gotta wait on God and His timing so you can enjoy marriage!


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