Friday, September 16, 2011

Beauty: A Banana Mask!!

 Ok, so I'm a stickler for beauty tips & ways to increase your NATURAL beauty. I came across an article years ago in a Health & Beauty Magazine and I swear by it!! Bananas are one of the most nourishing fruits available because they contain large quantities of magnesium, potassium, iron, zinc, iodine, and vitamins A, B (folic acid), E, and F.
So yes, I'm telling you to put a banana on your face!! Imagine all of those nutrients penetrating your SKIN! It leaves you with a BEAUTIFUL glow!
There's two ways to do it--one way is to simply just mash up a banana and put it on your face--leave it on for 30 minutes & rise off.
Here it is teamed with heavy cream (traditionally used to prevent wrinkles) and organic honey in a recipe crammed full of nutrients.
1 small banana
2 tablespoons fresh heavy cream
1 tablespoon organic honey
1 tablespoon oat flour
Bottled or spring water

Mash the banana, using the back of a fork, and then add cream, honey, and flour. Stir to mix well. You may need to add a little more cream or flour to obtain the consistency of thick cream of yogurt. Apply mask to the clean face, including the area around the eyes and the neck, and leave on for 30 minutes. Rinse off with bottled or spring water and cotton pads, and dab on a little rose hydrosol, allowing to dry naturally.
Effect: nourishes
Skin types: dry, aging
Frequency of use: 3 times a week
Shelf life: 6 hours in refrigerator
Preparation time: 5 minutes
Treatment time: 30 minutes

(Me & my husband after we did a banana mask! Don't tell him that I told you! :-) I sort of force him to do the masks with me! I'll spare you the pictures!)

Here are some GREAT benefits of a Banana Mask!

  • Banana face masks moisturize dry skin and leave it softer with hydrating action.
  • Banana face masks help exfoliate the skin by removing dead skin cells and leaving you with a fresh new look. Food acid contained in the fruit helps the dead skin come off.

Anti-Acne Action

  • Banana face masks help hydrate oily skin, thus combating acne and shielding the skin from loss of moisture.


  • Banana face masks provide anti-aging benefits, keeping the skin young and fresh looking.

Sun Burn Aid

  • Banana face masks will provide relief and aid for sun burnt skin. The flesh of the banana is full of antioxidants which have soothing properties.
Yes, your skin is your bodies LARGEST organ, so I do believe it is important that we take care of our bodies. I also believe that more important than ANY facial, mask, new purse, clothes or car.. is the intimate time that we spend with Jesus. Make a point to spend time with God daily. Yeah, it's great to improve your appearance, but "you should clothe yourselves instead with the beauty that comes from within, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is so precious to God." (1 Peter 3:4). This banana mask should only IMPROVE the glow that naturally comes out of you from spending time with God. If you are ugly inside, no mask will correct that.

Love Always,


  1. Thank you for sharing your amazing beauty tips! I love how you share the spill then bring it all back to Jesus and make it clear to all that "the mask should only IMPROVE the glow that naturally comes out of you from spending time with God. If you are ugly inside, no mask will correct that." Loved how you phrased that! Awesome post!

    - Juliette

  2. What is the heavy cream you use?

  3. Heather, I love using food for beauty. I've never heard of this one and I have bananas in the kitchen right now. I'm gonna try this with my 3 daughters. I'm 34 and my pores seem larger plus I have dark circles around my eyes. any tips for that?

  4. Hi,
    where can we get rose hydrosol?

  5. Was I suppose to use the banana skin in my mask?

  6. Wow i didn't know banana mask is of so much benefits for skin, thanks for sharing about it.

  7. I want to try lemon for the skin. I hate when dirt gets so embedded into the skin causing inflammation. I wash and scrub but this might help as well. Looking forward to this and will try tonight.


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