Friday, December 29, 2017

It's time for the Journal Challenge!

Find this journal here:

Do you feel like you need to be refreshed and renewed for the new year? Do you feel like you need more discipline when it comes to your time with the Lord? Do you feel like you need to prepare your mind before your day?
THEN, JOIN us starting January 1st with spending time with God everyday! It's called our "Journal Challenge."

You can read the details HERE.

ALSO, we are going to add a few things this year:
1. Read 1 Christian based book for the month of January
2. Keep your phone in another room so you aren't tempted to reach for it first thing!
3. Download the Bible App or an a Christian based app and when you do reach for your phone in the morning, open the app vs. instagram/social media.

How do you sign up? Simply go to and then click "Join a Group" - when you sign up, you automatically subscribe to receive updates and emails!

This will be a precious time of pouring your heart out to Jesus, staying focused, getting rid of distractions and prioritizing what the Lord is telling you to do!

P.S. Oh yeah, we started a BRAND NEW VLOGGING CHANNEL! Be sure to subscribe + check out the newest surprise in our sweet family! Subscribe HERE.

God loves you like crazy,
Love always,
Heather Lindsey

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