Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Updated: My Favorite Vitamins! (Hubby & Children included!)

So, I did a blog YEARS ago on my favorite vitamins and I must say, things have changed! I wanted to update everyone on my favorite vitamins and share what my husband, our 3 year old son & 8 month old daughter use to be healthy & strong.

First and foremost, it's important to recognize that you need to take vitamins daily. I am not a certified health instructor or anything, I'm just a stalker and a research queen. I am SUPER intentional about eating healthy, taking the right vitamins and making sure that my family is doing the same thing. I just KNOW that sometimes, I don't get all of the nutrients I need and I'm breastfeeding. These vitamin ensure that I get what I need! I believe that it's the "keeper of the home" in me that desires to have a healthy home so I'm excited to share what I use! I've been using most of these vitamins for years now. As I will mention, its important that you have an overall healthy lifetsyle. Let's put the fried chicken, butter, sugar and pork chops down and pick up a healthy recipe book!

Note that this is what works for ME. Be sure to run whatever by whoever to make sure that you're allowed the below.

Amen? Amen.

Note that I have purchased most of these at Whole Foods, Sprouts, Goodness Grocery Store in Smryna, GA and www.vitacost.com. I stay away from Amazon as they didn't package my probiotics correctly. They should be refrigerated and they were not upon arrival.

My vitamins 

1. First, I take the MegaFood Baby and Me Pre & Post Natal Whole Food Multivitamin. I'm still breast-feeding and I could get pregnant at any time. My prayer is that we don't get pregnant but if the Lord sees otherwise, I want to make sure that my body is getting the proper nutrition. I typically purchase everything from www.vitacost.com because it's typically cheaper than in stores. I LOVE these prenatals because I only have to take 2 and they are 100% raw ingredients. You can even watch them make it online. Most vitamins are synthetic - thus your body cannot identify with them. It's important that you aren't just grabbing for a "One a Day" or something synthetic. Make sure it's a RAW vitamin. I have also used Garden of life - RAW prenatal but you have to take like 4 and when I was pregnant, I would just take half because my tummy was so queasy. These "Baby & Me" multi's are easy on my tummy, give me a ton of energy and I've never had a problem with them.

2. Probiotic. Probiotic. Probiotic. Your immune system will THANK you later. It's so important that you realize that taking a daily probiotic will keep you from getting sick, build your immune system and help you deal with those seasonal allergies. Also helps to clear acne, digestive problems and SO much more. Please. Go get some now. lol. My FAVORITE is the Garden of Life RAW Probiotics - Ultimate Care. I choose to take this one because I'm nursing and I just had a baby. I also take it because it seems like everyone was sick this winter. They also have a women's 90 capsule one that I would recommend if you aren't pregnant, nursing or just had a baby. And, it's a bit cheaper.

3. Omega 3's/DHA. I take this to help with the development of Taylor's brain and because I'm not a seafood eater. I use Nordic Naturals Prenatal DHA.  It's important that if you're going to take your Omega 3's that it's a quality fish oil. This one has worked for me!

4. Since, I don't eat meat- I take a Megafood Blood Builder every other day. This thing is PACKED with iron and it doesn't hurt your stomach. I may be totally obsessed with it! :) It got me through my last pregnancy! I would take it at night and wake up with a TON of energy. I used to be sluggish in my pregnancy and this pill changed everything.

5. Every now and then, I pop a Garden of Life Vitamin Code Raw B- Complex pill. This helped my hair edges after I gave birth to Taylor. I personally don't trust all of these hair pills so I just stick to this one as it's tried and true. One of the cool things about Vitamin B pills is that they help your skin, hair, nails, energy AND repel mosquitos. For.the.win.

6. I LOVE this immune booster. I SWEAR by it. Whenever I feel a cold coming on - I take 2 of these and it fights it off right away. It's called the Fungi Perfecti Host Defense My Community Comprehensive Immune Support.  I checked out the reviews on Amazon and people call these things miracle pills that have been used to fight cancer. Pretty amazing. These pills help boost your immune system and I will forever use them!

7. And, last but not least- I have used this digestive enzyme for awhile now. Your body only has a certain amount of digestive enzymes so, help it out a little bit and pop a couple of these before you eat! It helps break the food down fast. Honestly, I only use these a couple times a week when I remember! Called: Advanced Enzyme System.

Ok, onto my hubby!

My Husband's Vitamins 

1. My husband's daily multi is the Garden of Life Vitamin Code® Men RAW . He LOVES it and he notices when he doesn't take it. As mentioned, everyone should take a multi daily! There's no way that you can get the exact needed nutrition so these are great helpers! 

2. As I mentioned above, probiotics are super important! He takes the Garden of Life RAW Probiotics™ Men -- 85 billion

3. He also takes the mushroom immune support in #6 above!

4. Lastly, he get's his Omega 3's from here! Nordic Naturals Omega 3's.

Logan's Vitamins 

1. For Logan, we LOVE the Intra Kids Children's Liquid Drink. We call it Logan's "power juice" and HE LOVES IT!!! He thinks that it makes him big, strong and "muscles" like daddy. :) Which is true. So, after stalking reviews for the BEST kid's vitamin, I ran across this one. But, it was like $70! So, I'm like - I am willing to TRY it to see if I see a difference in Logan. And, it lasts about 2 months and I must say - I saw a BIG difference. He's more focused, he picks up quicker on things, he's more "regular" if you know what I mean and he's EVEN understanding and speaking some spanish. So, the reviews were true for me. To me, if that meant cutting back in other areas so Logan can have a good vitamin, I'm down for the cause. 

2. Again, probiotics are a MUST! I use RAW Kids Probiotics and I put them in Logan's fresh squeezed juice. 

Taylor's Vitamins 

1. For our sweet Taylor, I use a multi-vitamin packet that seems to work well. We simply put it in her pumped bottle. It's the Rainbow Light NutriStart powder packets. 

2. Gotta build her immune system with the probiotics! I use the Raw Kids Probiotics and put it in her pumped bottle as well. 

3. I know that most doctors recommend vitamin D but it's included her her powder multi packets. I also have not found one that works for me and I simply take Taylor out daily for her natural vitamin D- or the sun with some baby sunscreen! 

I hope these help! Again, do your research, figure out what works best for your family & rock on!

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God loves you like crazy,
Love you all so much!

Heather Lindsey
Me & my sweet Taylor! 


  1. Thank you so much for this!! I have literally been praying for a guide on daily supplements particularly since I don't eat meat anymore and I'm starting to feel fatigued. These docs all keep telling me i need meat again and that's annoying. I'll try and see. Please update if there's any other supplement you think a vegan needs!!

  2. Heather, thanks so much for sharing!! You're such a sweet angel!

  3. You are awesome!!!! Been struggling on what vitamins to get my family....you rock!!!!!thank you thank you much blessings

  4. Great post, I've wanted to read up more on vitamins and see which ones are the best for me, so this was very useful!

  5. Thank you Heather! I've shared this link with everyone!!It's so awesome!!


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