Thursday, September 4, 2014

"Dry Seasons: God, where are You?"

Have you ever felt like you don't feel God's presence? Maybe, you go to church, you're trying to do the right thing. You've cut off bad relationships. You're REALLY trying to live for God but it STILL feels like you don't sense Him near you. You STILL feel like He's not giving you wisdom. You STILL feel like maybe.. I need to pray more. Or maybe, study more. Maybe then, God will make me feel full again.

If you've ever felt this way, I can relate with you.

But, this is what I've learned.

Just because I don't feel God's presence, doesn't mean He's not there. God is omnipresent. God is present everywhere! My feelings aren't the determining factor on if God is there or not. At what point did I make my feelings my idol or my god? And why do I keep trying to earn God like He's man? I am righteous by faith in the blood of Jesus, not in my works! Yes, faith without works is dead but if my faith is in Jesus then I will NATURALLY do work & live for Him. NOT the other way around.

Sadly, I thought my works made my faith. So, I did things & I said: LOOK GOD! Do you love me more?! Look God, I prayed. Where is my sticker? Look God, I served at church.. do you love me more? James makes the statement “For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also” (James 2:26). Faith without works is dead faith because the lack of works reveals an unchanged life or a spiritually dead heart. There are many Scriptures that make it very clear that true saving faith will results in a CHANGED life, which is demonstrated by the “works” we do. How we live reveals what we believe and whether the faith we profess to have is a living faith.

James 2:14–26 is sometimes taken out of context in an attempt to create a works-based system of righteousness, but that is contrary to many other Scriptures.The scripture is not saying that our works make us righteous before God, but he is making it clear that real saving faith is demonstrated by good works. Works are not the cause of salvation; works are the evidence of salvation. The person who claims to be a Christian but lives in TOTAL disobedience to Christ with a life that shows no works has a false or dead faith and isn't saved. James is clearly showing you the difference between two different types of faith—truth faith that saves and false faith that is dead. So, in the midst of my dry season, I learned that it is out of my love for Jesus, I spend time with God. It is out of my love for my family that I serve them. Not for a cookie or a reward, but simply because I love them & it aint' got nothing to do with my emotions but everything to do with my unconditional love towards them.

You see, your feelings are constantly subject to change. You eat a huge meal you may feel heavy and sleepy with no energy. Then, the next day you drink a green smoothie-- so you're on a high again. Then, the next day your boss scolds you and .. there goes your mood again.

Why are your moods so unstable? Is that all it takes to push you off of your rocker?

"Stay alert! Watch out for your great enemy, the devil. He prowls around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour."- 1 Peter 5:8

Satan has watched you and many just like you for YEARS so he & his little demons pretty much know what makes you tick.

Whenever my feelings or my emotions try to run to cling onto some silly understanding of a huge God, I'm reminded of:

"Who else has held the oceans in his hand? Who has measured off the heavens with his fingers? Who else knows the weight of the earth or has weighed the mountains and hills on a scale?"- Isaiah 40:12

Surely the nations are like a drop in a bucket; they are regarded as dust on the scales; he weighs the islands as though they were fine dust." - Isaiah 40:15

How COMFORTING?! God holds the universe in the palm of his HAND! What perspective! 

And maybe, just maybe you are going through a dry season in your life because you are clinging on to so many things and people that God cannot even speak life into your hardened heart? Maybe, just maybe you're heart has been in things, money, pride, status and this world?  God cares so much about you that He will allow for you to be stripped from worldly things so He will have His proper place. He refuses to share His glory with anyone else & He is JEALOUS for you. Do you think God is just gonna sit there & let you seek after this world & not CARE? God surly has a way of getting our attention again. He knows how to bring a man to repentence. So, stop wrestling with Him.

I challenge you sister to keep blogging, keep praying, keep spending crazy time with God, keep pressing in and don't move until God pushes you to move. In that moment where we feel like all hope is lost, God is whispering into our ears "As soon as I pray, you answer me; you encourage me by giving me strength.- Psalm 138:3"

Just to give you a few practice tips during this season:

1. Don't quit on God, He is the only One that is leading you & the only One that can HELP  you. So, spend MORE time with Him and don't run back to your past when you get uncomfortable. Spending time with God daily should be like that flight you're catching at 7am free flight to Hawaii everyday. You know good & well you wouldn't miss that all expense paid trip. So, why is it so hard for your flesh to set a time for God & stick with it but we can get up for work, a flight.. school. There's a reason you don't desire God sis & it's because you stopped giving your attention to Him!

2. Let go of anyone or anything that is hindering your walk with the Lord. Yes, that person. You know who it is! God has already made it plain to you but you're rationalizing! Stop going back & forth with it & let it go!!

3. Guard that heart! You don't have time to sit & listen to stupid love songs & music that aint' glorifying the Father. Turn off the TV, unfollow a bunch of worldly celebrities & protect your heart. Your heart grows things and if you compare your life to all of these other people, you won't enjoy this season. You will compare your life to a persons highlight reel & think that God forgot about you.

4. Be kind to others. Yes, this may seem easy to do but when you're not feeling good about yourself, sometimes its hard to be nice to others. Avoid the pity party & get UP from your depression. Get UP from your feelings! Get UP & go help someone else that is struggling! When you get your eyes off of yourself & become selfless-- you will find the joy & the beauty in sowing time & energy into others as the Lord leads you.

 5. Learn, learn & learn some more! Read Christian BOOKS, listen to encouraging podcasts and surround yourself with believers. Never stop learning and take what you learn & apply it to your daily life. But before you pick up everybody else's book--  make sure your face is in the bible first. Nothing replaces that.

I'm praying for you. I'm standing in agreement with you & so is the rest of the body of Christ. Remember that when you quit, it puts a burden on the rest of the body to pick up where you quit on God. So, hang in there! God is for you!

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God loves you like crazy,

Heather Lindsey

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  1. I SO needed this right now! Thank you so much for sharing this Word of encouragement. It was right on time.

  2. Wow. I just watched your video on God Led Purpose. Something told me to check your blog and I came across this new one. Thank you for allowing God to use you . Because through you he spoke to me. This was so needed and right on time . Love you to life.

  3. Thanks Heather for those encouraging words!! May God saturate you with Favor...

  4. Thank you for this word this morning. I absolutely needed to hear it. Have a blessed day!

  5. You Rock! Right on time!

  6. Thank you Heather, you are truly God sent. Sometimes I try to force myself to scroll past your post but I never can. Its almost as facing the truth head on. Pride is what it is I guess. Thank you again have a good weekend

  7. Going through a dry season right, had so many questions but I thank God for this reassurance that his presence is not determine by my feelings. I'm gonna stay right here spending more time with him.

  8. Thank you Soooo much Heather. Trust me I needed to know this... I've done exactly as you said. Living right cutting off the randoms. Putting away the idols

    1. Good for you, Shana. It can be hard to let go of a random when you don't want to be alone.

  9. This is everything to me. Thank you

  10. This was so timely for me. Truly what can stand against us when God is for us? The reality check is so real, and I truly need to change what I have been feeding my spirit. I praise God that He uses anything to get our attention, and that I came across this post. May God continue to give you wisdom and guidance as you write these posts. Also, you should have an event in Boston!

  11. I'm in this season right now and man, is it ever hard! This really encouraged me to keep pressing in and to not give up on God. Your blogs always lift up my spirit. Thank you for allowing God to use you, you're a blessing to so many women around the world, I hope to touch as many lives as you have when I am established in the ministry. God Bless you Heather!

  12. It was SO TIMELY heather! Thanks for writing!
    Love this " God cares so much about you that He will allow for you to be stripped from worldly things so He will have His proper place. He refuses to share His glory with anyone else & He is JEALOUS for you. Do you think God is just gonna sit there & let you seek after this world & not CARE? God surly has a way of getting our attention again. He knows how to bring a man to repentence. So, stop wrestling with Him." God bless u and ur ministry!

  13. You are always always on time. I thank God for choosing u to be a blessing. I'm in d same spot. But I thank God for His Grace and Mercy. I wanna ask a question?

  14. If I am to be honest, I would say I haven't felt Gods presence in a long time. I feel like I have been in a dry season for years. I know God is with me, but sometimes I get discouraged. Im almost 33 and still waiting for God to bring me a mate and Ive done most of what Heathers suggested, over the years, ive also never been one to have randoms too, and haven't had a relationship in almost 7 years. I just don't know why im still where I am now. Maybe this post is God telling me to hold on and not relent?

    1. Yes! Hold on! Call you blessings by faith and declare everyday that you will have them ! Be consistent and the most important thing is asking God to show you yourself . Show you your flaws so He can work on you! I got a prophecy once that said the delayed gratification is doing you good tour gonna get your blessings and he wasn't even saved it's after I red the book about waiting by Lynette Lewis remember the roses and she prayed for miracles in our lives so we won't give up! God has you in His hands! Love you!

  15. I can relate to the above post and i too have been single for 7 years. I have no randoms, i go to church, im involved in ministry, i have a career...and i try patienty to wait on God. Sometimes i ask "God...did you forget about me?" So this was a great post... Thank you Heather! Im trying

  16. Perfect timing!!! I needed this! Thank you

  17. Thank you for sharing. Such a blessing.

  18. You are awesome. Thank you! I was having a horrible morning..until now.

  19. I thought I had a clear understanding of this revelation... till God checked me with this blog and showed me the error of my ways! HE'S SUCH A GREAT DAD!!Thanks so much for your obedience in sharing this sis. ... huge pivotal point realization in my walk with Christ!!!


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