Sunday, February 2, 2014

People Driving You Up The Wall?

We've all been there. Just frustrated or irratated about someone or a certain situation or feeling like you WISH your husband, man, friend, sister, brother, mama, daddy or whoever ELSE will change and stop BOTHERING YOU!!

I want to challenge you tonight in the midst of your frustration. Maybe.. it's you that needs to change? And trust me, I'm talking to myself as well. In every relationship-- we have a part to play. And while we go to God with our laundry list of ALL of the THINGS that everybody else needs to change, He begins to whisper into our heart, "You prayed for patience, so I'm giving you patience." You prayed to grow up in me, so I'm giving you changes to develop in endurance and maturity." "You prayed for peace, so you are getting opportunities to choose PEACE over stress." "You prayed for a great marriage-- so I'm showing you each other as a mirror so you can give those areas to me that don't.. quite look like Me."

You see, at times, we forget our prayers. We forget that we cry out to God and sing the songs, "I SURRENDER all GOD!!" on Sunday at church but on Monday, we cuss out our unsaved co-worker because she is trying to "throw you under the bus." Remember that the co-worker MAY not read the bible, but she or he IS reading your life and how you respond to them.

1 Peter 2: 18-23 says:

When treated unfairly by a superior, we should submissively endure by entrusting ourselves to God, the righteous Judge.

And if you continue to read it says "and LIKEWISE the same way in your MARRIAGE." I'm not referring to a situation where your life is on the line or if your man is doing things illegal-- I'm talking about the normal-- day to day (UGH!) things that he does to push your buttons. In vs. 19 it says that God is PLEASED when we endure unfair treatment and don't retaliate the SAME way that others treated us! So, how have you been responding? Or, how have you responded to him or her to start the whole spat?

If we really believe the bible like we say that we do.. we will let God be the judge over these small & large issues that can become distractions to the body of Christ. We have to trust that God will repay evil & reward unconditional love. I believe it. Do you? Lets believe it together! Let's STAND out to unbelievers as women that aren't like this world!

I'm not tryin' to say that your issue isn't real. I am not trying to say it won't be hard, but as some POINT we have to get off of the MILK of the word of God and start eating the MEAT of the word of God! It's time to mature. It's time to stop going around that same mountain.. over & OVER again. Let's RESPOND differently than we have in the past. We have the Holy Spirit on the inside of us and HE is helping us. You're not alone.

God loves you like crazy,

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Love you all dearly,
Heather Lindsey

Preaching in New York this past weekend! :)


  1. Must stop the battle with humans and focus more on the spiritual!!

  2. This just happend to me ..after ministering I surrender all to you lord at church got attacked by my family at home was mad about it all just had go tell them including my dad to live me to the holyspirit to perfect me only I did it in an angty tone...lord help me to be more patient but not to look like a fool in the process...I get disresspected by my baby sister but I need wisdom from the lord when am pushed yo the wall. ..pray for me.

  3. Love this!!!! I've found myself challenged to deal with daily frustrations with peace and grace. Its so hard! But so worth it.

  4. Thank you for this! I've been trying to figure out a way to deal with people pushing buttons and then you write this!! I've been separated from me ex for 2 years now but he still pushes every button for a reaction. He's moved on and now engaged and I am single, waiting on The Lord to move in my life and my Adam. Yet it's hard to be focused on God when my ex plants himself and fiancé in my social circles. He's very rude to me and flaunts his new relationship in my face.

  5. I kid you not...this blog was written for me.

  6. Wow, just what I NEEDED! Had one of those days today and I believe I could have responded with grace rather than frustration. I'm taking it one day at a time.

  7. This reminds me so much of Joyce Meyer.
    You are such an inspiration!

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