Thursday, December 22, 2011

Our Engagement Video

Sooooo, I've been married 1 year and 6 months now and it's been such an amazing journey! December 25th marks the "anniversary" of my hubby proposing to me 3 years ago. I cry everytime I watch this video. So much time, energy & sweat went into this relationship. If you didn't know--my hubby and I waited to kiss until our wedding day. If you aren't kissing--you're doing a TON of talking and developing emotionally. It was so worth the wait. 1 year of dating and 8 months later (being engaged), we married and kissed on our wedding day. I wouldn't trade this call for anything.
It may seem like a fairy tale, but my now-husband wasn't in the running in my mind to marry. He literally came out of NOWHERE! Prior to meeting him I told God that I was content with being single for the next 10 years because all I really needed was HIM, not people to affirm me. But..God had other plans in store for me--including marrying my now husband and starting The Gathering Oasis, GOD set this up. I couldn't earn it if I tried. God will present you with people and you have a CHOICE to do it His way, or your way. Choose HIS way. He'll remove relationships you aren't supposed to be in & surround you with the people that need to be in your life.

Trust HIM.

Our Engagement Video December 25th 2009

God loves you like crazy.



  1. I totally agree. Trusting God and doing it His way is key, and He will remove those who don't need to be in your life and who keep you from serving your purpose. I am so happy with where I am right now and my relationship with Him, I wouldn't trade it for ANYTHING! Congrats on your 1.5 yr anniversary! :)

  2. Just wanted to say that your profile picture is stunning!

  3. "If you aren't kissing--you're doing a TON of talking and developing emotionally. It was so worth the wait." -- How I wish most young people will acknowledge this truth. God made it this way for a reason.
    God bless you Heather, for waiting. I know the joy was boundless. I have a sexual purity blog and have been writing about why Christians have to stay pure until marriage.

  4. wowww.
    it is very enlightening to see that you held dating and physical contact in such high esteem.. great real life example !! I love it :)))

  5. Thank u, & God bless u. This is encouraging.

  6. That was a beautiful video! Have me with a big grin on my face. Nice!!

  7. This was beautiful! You are such an inspiration sent from God! God is so good! I read you book and it has ministered to me in soo many ways! Thank you for using your spiritual gifts to the fullest! God bless you and your marriage!


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